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Top 5 Best Baby Changing Pad in 2017 (Read This Guide Before Buying)

We parents know that it is never easy to change nappies. All we want is to do the quick changes and forget what just happened, but, hey! It spells "impossible." Pooping and Peeing is part of their daily routine, and so the changing paddies are for ours to indulge. No parents would volunteer to change their kid's nappies; at least no one that I know is willing. Let's face it! No one will do it but us- parents.

No worries, I will give you the top 5 best changing pad to help you with your burden. Chill and enjoy reading while choosing the best one for you.

** Below, are more detailed reviews, but you can click these links above to see current prices and read customer's reviews on Amazon.

Why changing pad is a must-have?


You might underestimate the importance of owning a baby changing pad, better think again. Owning a changing pad is not just for your child's sake, but mostly it is for parent's sake. Read the reason below, for sure you will never look back not having a changing pad.

  • First, you want your place or surroundings to be cleaner when there is diaper spilldilemma going on, which will happen most of the time.
  • Second, you just only have one thing to clean when that dilemma happens, just your changing pad. Imagine spilled-poop or pees on your softie couch, bed or table or worst your friend's couch (recommended a disposable changing pad) when you are visiting her, simply because you don't have changing pad.

Consider these!

Yes it just a changing pad, but you must know what changing pad suits your lifestyle and your baby. You don't want to blame yourself buying it with minimal usage or worst, no use at all. Before stashing your wallet, know the things you need to consider before having one.

1. Easy to clean

Baby changing pad

Poops plus pees equal to messy, smelly and disgusting feeling, this will surely pass as the most hated equation ever invented. Kidding aside, don't rely on your diaper to be ever spill proof. Changing pad will be your catch basin of the smelly mess coming from your little pooper when you are about to change your baby's diaper. There will be a mess from there and there; it is unavoidable.

The easy to clean pad was consider, look for waterproof pad or easy to change pad cover. Know the difference between the two and buy the one that you think will give you a lesser task and will help you fix the mess quickly. Let me reiterate the word "quickly" as you might need to use the changing pad in no time, meaning poop and pees again and again.

2. Safety belts

Best changing pad

Photo’s Source: Amazon.com

Most of the changing pad feature includes a strap. Expect wiggly baby when you are changing pad. While you are getting busy cleaning them up, there are also busy doing whatever they want. Strap makes your child safe and limits their movement, while you are doing your odd job. However, you need to make sure that your baby is comfortable with the safety belt; you might end up fixing the belt than doing your purpose with the changing pad.

3. Flat or curved surface

Choose the one that makes your cleaning easier and looks comfortable for your baby. Some moms find it easy to change nappies with a flat changing pad. However, there are moms' preferred having the curved surface to make their baby safely place on the center and limits their movement, which makes the task easily done.

4. Consider storage

Baby changing pad

Look for the changing pad that does not need much space for storage. When traveling it might give you a hassle if the changing pad you had will take a lot of space in your luggage. There are particular types of changing pad that suits for traveling. Check out the changing pad to see which one is better for you to have. Foldable or disposable changing pad is the one good for traveling, but it might not be as comfortable as a standard changing pad for your baby.

5. Surface texture

Always think of your baby's comfort ability when you are tidying him or her. Make sure that the surface of your changing pad is somehow soft and gives less friction as your baby wiggles. You don't want your child to feel more uncomfortable when you are changing nappies. You still want the best for your infant even in just for this few minutes of changing his nappies.

6. Safety strap

Best baby changing pad

This is the most neglected thing when buying changing pad. You don't want your changing pad slipping on top your table or dresser when you are changing a diaper. Find the one that has a safety strap that will fit your changing table. Secure changing pad will be a huge help to do your cleaning and changing faster. Plus always safety first.

Types of Baby changing pad

Best changing pad

Photo's Source: momlovesbest.com

Now you know the things to consider before buying changing pad, it's time to know what type of changing pad is the best for you. Since there are many kinds of changing pad out of the market, you might be confused which is the one you need. Start evaluating your daily routine, while you are reading this.

Standard type

Portable type (Travel Changing Pad)

Disposable type

Top 5 Best Changing Pad in 2017 In-deep Reviews

So you know what to consider and the sort of pad that you want to have. Here's the top 5 best changing pad for your little one. Check out the pros and cons of each changing pad and think which is the best is for you.

You can check my table for summarization of evaluation of quality, price reviews and its features.

Nature-pedic Organic Cotton Contoured Changing Pad

This changing pad is true to its name when you want your baby to still in the best comfort feeling while changing his or her nappy this might be a good choice for you. The cotton surface works well with baby’s sensitive skin. It is 100% polyethylene, and water proof coating will help you to clean it easily. The firm base will surely grip on the table to avoid slippery of the pad.

What makes moms like most in this changing pad is the non-toxic organic material that was used in this product. They also prioritize the security of the baby when using this changing pad because of it durable belt to make sure your child is safe and secure while you are changing the nappy, plus the four sides barrier for additional security.

However, some parents find this changing pad expensive for a short period of usage, plus you need to buy extra changing pad cover after several uses, due that the foam shrinks and crumples. An additional disadvantage of this product is its large features, which is not okay for those who have small storage.


• Organic and non-toxic materials

• Sturdy belt for your wiggly baby

• Waterproof fabric, easy to clean and remove stains.

• Four sides are advantage to keep your child at the center surface

• The flat surface is big enough for your infant.

• Comes with a snap that can use to hang it on your wall.


• A bit pricey for a few months of usage.

• Bulky and non-foldable

• Requires another pad cover after using a couple of times.

• Original pad cover is easy to clean but not easily dries up.

Baby's Journey Always Ready Changing Station by Baby's Journey

Worry about the baby things when you are about to change his nappy, like the new diapers, wet wipes, powder, etc.? Worry no more! This changing pad has its organizer that can attach to the changing for your infants essential.

Moms love the style of this changing pad because of its clutter-free goal. Moms are buying this because of the organizer that is attachable in this changing pad. Also, includes a light for night changing session which is motion activated. Good for bigger babies were in an even two-year-old child can fit.

But, the consumers usually complaints about the motion activated-light that do not work. Plus it requires extra velcro or screw to avoid slipping on top of the table since it does not have a non-slip feature at the bottom of the changing pad.


· Clutter-free for your baby’s changing essential.

· Includes motion-activated light for night changing sessions.

· Water-proof and easy to clean changing pad.

· With screw and instructions on how to bolt the pad station to the dresser.

· Full-size changing pad, can be used to 0-2 years of age

· Price is reasonable.


· Motion-light sensor not working as usual

. Need to turn on manually.

· Only one Velcro to support pad movement on top of the table.

· Left and right side barrier only.

· Consume too much space or need to be in a fixed place.

Deluxe Pillow Top Changing Pad with Diaper Caddy

Safety is one of the keys to be on top of the list; this Deluxe Pillow Top Changing Pad will never give disappointment of that part. This brand changing pad might be a good choice for wiggly babies or infant that likes to move around.

The 100% cotton fabric and pillow-soft mattress give your infant a comforting feeling while you change his nappy. Looking for comfort and safety, this Deluxe Pillowtop Changing Pad with Diaper Caddy is the one you are looking. Plus it has a stylish high-end feature, that’s why parents are so into this changing pad.

Though there are some complaints about the fabric that stains easily and the foam shrink within frequent usage. It is also bulky and takes too much space for storage.


· Comes with a basket that will hold all your baby changing essentials.

· Soft-pillow like mattress and 100% cotton.

· With safety strap and buckle to secure your baby.

· Easy to wipe and clean surface.

· With a fabric pinch guard on safety buckle to avoid irritation on tummy part of your baby.

· Curved style surface to keep baby in center place.

· Price is better than other standard changing pad


• Needs to have a huge storage space or larger table to place it on.

• Foam crumples after at least a year of usage.

• Though it is easy to wipe dirt, the fabric is prone to stains.

Summer Infant Contoured Changing Pad

The high quality double layered vinyl fabric is easy to clean; you can even use a damp cloth for wiping and cleaning the dirt and mess. Summer Infant brand always go out with style, available in different colors that your infant will surely adore. No wonder this brand includes in our top list.

Parents are choosing this changing pad because of its easy to clean fabric and comes with cute pastel colors. The price is also reasonable compared to those that are available with thick mattress. It has two belts to make sure your wiggly baby is safe.

There are complaints though about this pad is that most changing pad covers are not fitting in this changing pad, his changing pad is a bit longer. The foam shrink after few uses and the surface is not as soft when you have it brand new.


• Available in different pastel colors

• Easy to clean vinyl fabric

• Double layered thick foam for baby’s comfort.

• Inexpensive

• Two straps to serves as a belt for your child’s safety.


· Most pad cover comes up short; this changing pad is a bit longer.

· Only one strap to secure it in your dresser

· Double layer foam is not as soft as expected.

· Too big for usual measurement of 16 x 32 changing station

Keekaroo Peanut Changer

Last but never the least is the Keekaroo Peanut Changer, this well-studied changing pad gives parents like us an easy job to clean and tidy up quickly the changing pad after the clutter happened.

Keekaroo Peanut Changer loved by many moms because of its durability and long years of usage. The surface is stain-free and easy to wipe and clean, perfect for moms who have so little time for having it wash. Moms also like that there’s no need to buy a cover pad, most moms find it very economical.

There are few flaws consumers are complaining about this changing pad. The safety features are not amended in designing this changing pad. Though they claimed it is slip resistant changing pad, there are a lot of raised concern about it and requires an extra screw to make sure it is safe and will not slip. Plus the materials used are plastic and not detailed if its toxic-free.


• No need for cover and sheets.

• Easy to wipe and clean surface

• Easy to wash and fast to dry

• Available in different colors

• Affordable, the price is reasonable for a long time use.

• Comes with a safety strap to secure your baby while changing a diaper.

• Slide-contoured part is an advantage for cleaning and keeps the mess on a bottom part only.

• Slip resistant


• The plastic surface is hard and might cause skin irritation for an infant

• It is easy to clean, however, smells sticks, so need use soap and bleach every wash.

• Get stains easily

• Side division is not high enough for your little wiggler.

• Comes with the strap, however still requires a screw to safely secured on your changing table.

Final thought

As a self-proclaimed expert, when it comes to changing diaper and cleaning pees and poops. I can say that the winner brand among the list is the Nature-pedic Organic Cotton Contoured Changing Pad. Though I have a travel changing pad and I use several disposable pads when I’m out with the kids, this changing pad is still the one I’m using now in my house and the one I used often.

For the past six years, (well not that frequently) this is the one I used for my first child and still the one that's using now for my second child. Few fixes from here and there, but overall, it does not give me a major problem at all. Though the foam already shrinks and crumpled and the white color is not as bright as before, I’m still able to rely on it, and it works fine just like with my son before and now with my daughter. Yes, it is a bit expensive compared to other brands of changing pads, but it’s all worth it. I guess six years is a long enough service to say it has a good quality and worth the price.

Additional tip when you are choosing a changing pad, always think which is more convenient for you as with your baby. Considered it as a gift to yourself, this time you will buy something for your child in which we can have an advantage. We are the one who will clean the mess after all. We deserve whatever gives us a secure feeling to complete the job.

As parents, we need to be extra keen when it comes to choosing our baby’s essential. Good is never enough, better is just okay, so always settle for the best and pick the best among the best. I know it’s never an easy task choosing the best one for our kids. That’s why as a mom, I’m here always to share my experience, and other parents experience for our little cuties to get the best they deserve. Hope this article is on time to help you find a changing pad that suits you. You will read more of me, until the next best thing!