Top 7 Best Cloth Diaper Brands 2017 – Ultimate Buying Guide

Alva Baby Cloth Diapers

Hello young mothers! Are you looking for the best cloth diapers and best cloth diaper brands for your baby? If so, you have come to the right place!

With advanced leak proof technology, skin friendly fabric and an array of prints and colors available, there are many best cloth diaper brands that you can choose from for your baby. It’s no longer the subtle pastels or vibrant prints that will have you confused, but so many features that these diapers have.

Today we will be focusing on the best brands of cloth diapers and also break down all the features in an easy to follow comparison chart so that you choose only the best for your baby. So, without any further ado, let’s get started.

Top 7 Best Cloth Diaper Brands 2017 Comparison Table

Cloth Diaper BrandsTypical ProductsFeaturesSize


FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Brand

FuzziBunz One Size Diaper
- Pocket design allows to customize the absorbency
- Custom fit for growing baby
- Durable fabric: easy wash and wear
- One year warranty
One Size Fits: Newborn to Potty Trained


Rumparooz G2 Cloth Diaper Brand

Rumparooz G2
- Patented double inner gusset leak technology
- Snap closure
- Hypoallergenic
- Four diapers sizes in one diaper
One Size Fits: 6 lbs - 35+ lbs

Nora’s Nursery

Nora's Nursery Cloth Diaper Brand

Nora's Nursery Pocket Diaper
- Leak-proof, waterproof, breathable
- Adjustable as baby grows
- Super-soft Inserts: less strains no mess, more absorbent with every wash
Adjustable snap layout fits: 6 lbs to 33 lbs


AngelicWare Cloth Diaper Brand

AngelicWare Cloth Diapers
- Stay dry, leakproof, waterproof
- One size fits all
- Prevent diaper rash
- Reusable and washable
SmallL: 8-15 lbs
Medium: 12-25 lbs
Large: 20-35 lbs

Alva Baby

Alva Baby Cloth Diaper Brand

Alva Baby 6pcs Pack Pocket Cloth Diaper
- Waterproof, leg gussets against leaks
- Strong absorbent material with breathability
- Double Rows of snaps fit well
- Reusable and washable
6.6 lbs to 33+ lbs


BumGenius Cloth Diaper Brand

BumGenius Freetime AIO Cloth Diaper
- Leak-proof outer cover, stretch-to-fit sides for a custom shape and fit.
- Snap closure
- Semi-attached, stay-dry inserts dry faster, allow for customized absorbency
- Adjustable snap system
7 lbs to 35+ lbs


GroVia Cloth Diaper Brand

GroVia Cloth Diaper Shell - Hook & Loop
- Waterproof TPU outer layer
- Less waste in our landfills
- Healthier for baby, less diaper rash
7.7 lbs to 30 lbs

Now let us move ahead to go through each of these top 7 cloth diaper brands and understand in detail the features they offer for your baby. 

1. Fuzzibunz

Fuzzibunz is recommended as one of the best cloth diaper brands available online which you can buy from anywhere around the world. This brand caters to the most functional products for baby care. Not only this, the brand also has a very basic product line for mothers.

  • Best known for: All in one or 1 size cloth diapers
  • Suitable for: Infants, toddlers – up to 3 years of age

What we like the most about Fuzzibunz is that it has an amazing range of adjustable diapers. It has separate bundle packs – First year, One size, Perfect size (newborn), Perfect size (small), Perfect size (medium), Perfect size (large) all available at reasonable prices.

What we recommend?
FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper Brand

​We recommend Fuzzibunz One Size Cloth Diapers which a great pick if you want All In One Cloth diapers that grow up with your baby from birth to potty training.

It makes up as a complete diaper set that can be gifted on baby shower . While that’s not all, these diapers can be used for years to come, which means, if you’re planning to have more babies, these diapers would suffice the need in future as well. Moreover, the diaper is absolutely adjustable with leg and waist adjustments for a super perfect fit and easy replace elastic to further extend the life of your diaper.

2. Rumparooz

Rumparooz is another one of the best brands of cloth diapers that is available online with a massive liking by mothers. It is widely famous for its one size diaper that is suitable for 4 different sizes. With adorable color palette and perfect prints, Rumparooz diapers can be an ideal in your nursery.

  • Best known for: 1 size that fits over prefold, flat or fitted
  • Suitable for: Infants and toddlers

Rumparooz has extraordinary set of diapers that can be your baby’s diapers from the moment he/she was born until you potty train them. These diapers come in 16 different colors and prints, giving you a lot of variety to choose from.

What we recommend?
Rumparooz One Size Cloth Diaper Covers

We recommend Rumparooz One Size Cloth Pocket Diaper Snap (Rumparooz G2) which is a great pick if you want to try out cloth diapers for the first time for your baby.

Kanga Care brand cloth diapers are the only cloth diapers uniquely designed with the patented leak protection technology of dual inner gussets. The colors available may vary in the set, but are mostly gender neutral. The Rumparooz G2 is four diapers sizes in ONE diaper it means you don't need to buy larger size of diapers when your baby grow up anymore!

3. Nora’s Nursery

Nora’s Nursery has some of the best and stylish cloth diapers that you can lay your hands on. The range of cloth diapers from Nora’s Nursery is limited but the diaper sets usually come with 7 diapers, each with 1 bamboo insert and could be ideally the best pick for your baby.

  • Best known for: 1 adjustable size for baby girl or baby boy
  • Suitable for: Infants and toddlers

Nora’s Nursery has priced its cloth diapers at genuine prices, making them worth the money you spend because not only are they stylish with subtle colors and prints, they also come with bamboo inserts which make the diaper complete.

What we recommend?
Nora's Nursery Pocket Diapers

We recommend Nora’s Nursery Elegant Unisex Cloth Diapers 7 pack. There are 7 diapers for 7 days.

The waterproof suede cloth diaper has TPU lining with snug leg openings, which ensure that there is no leakage and your baby stays dry for a longer period of time. Moreover, the bamboo inserts are made up of 4 super absorbent layers of polyester. Also, the set comes with 1 wet bag. They are ideally the best purchase for you and your baby!

4. AngelicWare

AngelicWare is a premium cloth diaper brand which offers high quality diaper starter kits to mothers for their newborns and is one of best newborn cloth diapers. Apart from the vibrant prints and colorful palette, AngelicWare also offers diapering extras, i.e. Inserts.

  • Best known for: Leak proof technology and 1 adjustable size
  • Suitable for: Infants and toddlers of both genders

AngelicWare cloth diapers set are reusable and the diaper covers come in understated colors; ideal for both the genders. There are 2 different diaper bundle sets available, with usually 1 insert for each diaper cover. These bundles are a great gifting option as well.

What we recommend?
AngelicWare Cloth Diapers Set

We recommend Angelic Ware Cloth Diapers Set which has 4 diapers in it. Each diaper has an insert with a total of 5 layers – 3 inner microfiber layers and 2 outer bamboo layers.

These layers are the most soft and super absorbent layers that you can find to place in your baby’s diaper cover. Both the diaper covers and the inserts are washable. The leak proof technology and the waterproof diaper covers ensure that your baby sleeps peacefully, even after heavy overnight wetting. The diaper bag can be attached to the stroller or carried conveniently as the need.

5. Alva Baby

Alva Baby very well fits the best cloth diapers for babies. When it comes to baby care and diapering needs, Alva cloth diapers (Read our reviews) has abundant choices to offer the new moms. From newborn diapers to swim diapers and stylish bibs to baby wipes, you can do most of your shopping under one roof.

  • Best known for: Waterproof and breathable material and adjustable size
  • Suitable for: Newborns and toddlers

Besides offering diapering solutions, AlvaBaby also has a range for laundry solutions, liners, changing mat and training pads. They also offer nursing and menstrual pads to mothers. AlvaBaby has every single ounce of potential to become a leading brand that offers a complete range of products related to baby care.

What we recommend?
Alva Baby Cloth Diapers

We recommend AlvaBaby 6pcs pack pocket washable and adjustable cloth diapers, which are absolutely value for money because they come with 12 inserts, i.e. 6 diapers with 2 inserts each.

This set of 6 diapers with 12 inserts is a steal deal because for this price you get plenty of inserts to use. Although there is no accessory such as a diaper bag, the price is still fair for what you get. Not to forget, the colors are gender neutral which can go with most of the attires for your baby boy or baby girl. The microfiber inserts ensure that your baby stays dry sans any moisture, thus avoiding any chances of a skin rash.

The front row snaps allow you to adjust the diaper according to your baby sizw. The leg gussets are snuggly and prevent leakage. With 12 microfiber inserts and 6 different colored diaper covers, Alva Baby definitely offers premium quality diaper option to you.

6. BumGenius

BumGenius is another cloth diaper brand joining the bandwagon of others who offer all in one diapers. BumGenius can be considered as one of the youngest but best brands that offers basic as well as hybrid diapering solutions with a wide variety.

  • Best known for: Pocket style diaper
  • Suitable for: Newborn babies and toddlers undergoing potty training

BumGenius, as of now excels in creating all in one cloth diapers, which is a product combined with a couple of features different from the rest of the brands listed here. Although the brand has its patent pending for the leak proof outer cover and butterfly, what intrigues us the most is that the brand’s diapers are designed to stretch and fit the sides as your baby grows.

What we recommend?
BumGenius Freetime All in One Cloth Diaper

We recommend BumGenius Freetime All in one cloth diaper, which is a single piece rather than a set of diapers and inserts.

This plain diaper comes with semi-attached inserts and requires no further stuffing. The waterproof outer fabric is soft made up of polyester and the inner fabric is of suede with extra layer of microfiber terry that has been stitched into the shell. For the price you pay for BumGenius cloth diaper, it might definitely be on expensive side because it is a single diaper cover with no inserts or extra accessory.

7. GroVia

GroVia is another renowned brand that develops a complete line of diapers and baby care accessories. From all in one size to hybrid and O.N.E to trainer, Grovia’s diaper solutions are a favorite among the mothers around the globe.

  • Best known for: Colorful prints, adjustable size and hook & loop closure
  • Suitable for: Male newborns and toddlers weighing up to 30lbs

GroVia, is famously known for its hybrid shells, which are nothing more than a fancy name for the waterproof cloth diaper covers. Generally priced on a higher side, this brand’s diapers have certain aspects about them that make these diapers totally worth it. For instance, each diaper shell has a unique theme such as Astro or Adventure.

What we recommend?
GroVia Cloth Diaper Shell

We recommend GroVia cloth diaper shell in Astro theme. This colorful diaper comes in Astro theme print which can be an ideal option for your baby boy.

If you’re wondering about the inserts, then this diaper shells support cloth as well as the disposable diapers. Moreover, the shell has super absorbent layers on the inside which ensure that the baby is dry and happy. Made from the polyester mesh, the inner lining as well as the outer layer makes up as a perfect diapering option.

Buying Guide: What do we recommend?

These best cloth diaper brands always have something new to offer us. Since these brands are offering one size diaper option to the parents, they need to considerably focus on a few things because these diapers would be used on babies for a long time. Following are a few things that we suggest these brands to pay attention to:

  • Don't necessarily give fewer and dull color options in the name of Gender neutrality; the more brighter colors and prints, the better it is for the babies and parents
  • Include inserts – they are must for every pocket diaper. Besides, the whole point of opting for a cloth diaper is super absorbent and skin friendly inserts

Based on the above 2 most important suggestions, we like the 7 pack baby cloth pocket or cover diapers from Nora’s Nursery. This diaper cover set comes with 7 totally different and colorful prints. These are perfect for both the genders and once your newborn is a few months old, these modern patterns can keep the baby intrigued as well. The pack also comes with 7 bamboo inserts which are washable. Also, you get 1 wet-dry diaper bag to use as required. To make the deal sweeter, these diapers are adjustable and you will be able to use them until your baby weights more than 33 pounds.

Nora's Nursery Pocket Cloth Diapers

  • Comes with 7 totally different and colorful prints
  • Perfect for both genders
  • Come with bamboo inserts are washable
  • One wet-dry diaper bag to use
  • Adjustable and able to use until your baby weights more than 33lbs

Hope this detailed unbiased review and comparison of the popular cloth diaper brands helps you to get the best for your baby. If you already have a favorite, then do share with us the brand you have been using for your precious little bundle of joy. If you want to have an ultimate buying guide to choose best cloth diapers for you baby, read our cloth diaper reviews at Babyinform

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