How to Deal With Growth Spurts In Babies

If you notice that your child is eating very frequently then it is sign of growing spurts and that is when good Nutrients are Needed For Baby’s Growth. You will also notice your child becoming fussier and cranky over time, even though your child has eaten he/she will still cry as he/ she is still hungry and wants more food. Typically growing spurts occur five times within the first year. This is a temporary phase and there is no need to get upset about it.

How to detect growth spurts

Doctors have often stated that these growth spurts take place right after birth, the first spurt typically happens during the first three weeks and the next one happens in about eight weeks. You can always expect more spurts to happen. The duration of the spurts may differ from child to child.

For the first year a baby grows very fast, there is a chance that your baby’s body weight may go up three times by the time he turns a year old. You must know that growth takes place within short intense periods. The best things is that these growth spurts usually last just three days and as a mother you can expect to get back to your normal life.

You will notice that your baby will suddenly develop the mood to eat food non-stop, you will also notice that the schedule for breastfeeding will get disrupted. This is a sign of growth spurt. Changes in sleeping patterns will have an effect on your routine. You will find your baby crying for food at midnight then every two hours, but this is very temporary.

Your baby will begin to clamor for more food more frequently; he may be very fussy when it comes to breastfeeding. All of these are signs of growing spurts within a baby, you can always consult a doctor if you feel nervous during this period.

How can you deal with the Growth spurts?

You must remember that not getting enough sleep could take its toll on your mood; however you should remember that kids have a real hard time settling down in the first few months. The best way to deal with this period is by keeping calm which is tough but getting worked  up is not going to help either. Do not stop breast feeding at all, as breast feeding itself produces more milk so you can end up feeding your baby more than 5 times a day.

If your baby is a bit older and can eat solids, then you should put in extra care regarding the feeding. Do not give the newborn formula thinking that the milk is not enough. You can simply continue the feeding process and the supply will increase as per the demand. Remember to drink a lot water as you need to stay well hydrated. Eat a healthy diet to maintain good health. Get plenty of rest if you wish to feed your baby more often.  You can ask your partner to help you with the household work.

If the baby gains weight you will need to replace the diapers at least six times within a single day. Do not be alarmed with the weight gain as it is very normal. The phase of growth last for a very short time. The baby’s hunger pang come to an end and things will be normal. Once this ends you can also find out if no milk diet is making your baby cranky. All you need to do is be focused and take care of the baby. If you are able to detect that the baby is not being fussy over food then simply take your baby out for a walk.

So you see that growth spurts are quite natural in babies and there is no reason why you should be alarmed or nervous. You may also see that your baby is experiencing growth spurts for more than a week and it is just fine. You can arrange your schedule accordingly, as it is your sole responsibility to look after your child and feed him on time. To learn more on Weight Gain For Newborn you should visit a child specialist as he/she will help you out.

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