Essential Nutrients Needed For Baby’s Growth

There is no denying that nutrients are considered to be building blocks for Gowth Spurts In Baby. Babies need constant supply of nutrients to eliminate health deficiencies of any kind and any health problems arising out a deficiency. We all know the kind of nutrition that a pregnant women needs to make sure that her baby is healthy. However it very important to provide healthy food to the baby after it is born. The first six months a baby gets all the required nutrients through breastfeeding but after that the baby has to eat semi-solid food. This is when the nutritional value of the food should be monitored.

During the first few moths the baby starts to grow very rapidly and to make sure that the baby has a healthy growth and develops the different senses a healthy diet is essential. Food high in nutrition is responsible for rapid development and growth. Babies if given proper nutrition, develop very sharp brains and a strong anatomy as they grow up.

The different food groups

Let us take a look at the different food groups that babies need to experience a steady growth while they get older.


Calcium is considered to be a very important nutrient as it makes the bones strong and thicker preventing osteoporosis. A steady supply of calcium helps babies build stronger bones and so in the long run they will develop a well built anatomy. Calcium also prevents injuries to the bones when kids indulge in physical activities like playing sports, climbing stairs and running around. During the initial 12 months, babies get their supply of calcium from breast milk and baby formula. At a later stage an infant could need about 500 milligrams each day.


Vitamins cannot be left off the list as they help in building a strong immune system and also help in development and growth. Vitamins K, E, D, C, B and A are very much essential in the diet of an infant. Let us go over the list of vitamins that you should provide a baby.

Vitamin A

This vitamin is very important to develop and maintain good reproductive system, good immune system, good eyesight, mucus membrane, skin and thick hair.

Amount to be consumed: For the first six months not more than 0.4 milligrams (daily), for the next 6 months 0.5 milligrams (daily).

Vitamin D

This vitamin is very important as it helps the body to use the phosphorous and calcium that is present in the food.

Amount to be consumed: An amount of 0.005 milligrams per day is to be consumed.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is extremely helpful in clotting the blood. Doctors may often advice health supplements that contain this vitamin in it.

Amount to be consumed: For the first 6 months it is 0.002 milligrams a day and for the next six months 0.0025 milligrams each day.

Vitamin E

This vitamin carries out an important function of eliminating the breakdown of the various tissues.

Amount to be consumed: 4 milligrams a day for the initial 6 months and 5 milligrams a day for the next 6 months.

Vitamin C

This particular vitamin actually performs many functions such as strengthening the immune system, giving the blood vessels, cartilage, muscles and bones a solid structure and also increases the rate at which the body absorbs iron.

Amount to be consumed: Give the baby at least 40 milligrams a day for first six months and about 50 milligrams every day for the next six months.


This is an important part of hemoglobin and myoglobin. So you see that iron is a very important mineral that helps in the formation of blood cells in the body and also prevents anemia. This also helps to develop the brain in babies.

Amount to be consumed: You must make sure to give the baby at least 0.27 milligrams everyday for the first half of the year and 11 milligrams for the next 6 months.

To know more on Stimulating our Baby’s Sense it’s wise to get in touch with a Pediatrician who will give you a complete personalized diet chart for your baby, you have to remember that breast milk may not be able to provide nutrients all the time.

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