10 Healthy Habits Every Mother Should Teach Her Kids

Kids are probably the best gift from the Almighty to Parents. Each and every parent work harder to make their children a better one. Most of the times parents fell in a dilemma on what should they teach or what should they say to their kids to do. More often, parents face some difficulties in teaching their children some Healthy things. In this post, I had tried to put some great tips which unquestionably help you.

As people say, the home is the first learning ground of children. It is surely going to a mom to teach her child some basic things. One of these is no other than staying healthy. Every mom wants to make sure that her son/daughter will lead a healthy and fit life, in future. If that is the case, they should teach them the following healthy habits as early as now:

1. Eat fresh dishes.

According to nutritionists, the more color your dishes have, the healthier they are. Eating foods with different colors are not just for fun—it is for their health too. That is why it is important for you to explain to your kids the importance of incorporating a rainbow of colorful foods in their daily diet.

2. Washing their hands regularly.

That is a primary health habit that we all have learned from our mothers. Keep in mind that most diseases are passed on and acquired because of the bacteria in our hands. Because of this, you should teach your children to wash their hands on a regular basis.

3. Eat breakfast.

It is undoubtful that, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for any person, and it is applicable not just as us but to the children too. To teach them this, you must make sure that they will wake up to a healthy breakfast so that they can make eating breakfast a habit.

4. Learn enjoyable physical activities.

As a mother, it is up to you to introduce your kids to sports and physical activities. Not everyone needs games but when they see you enjoying physical activities, they can be hooked into it too, and people can carry their love for sports until they grow old.

5. Drink water and ditch soda.

You can teach your kids the habit of choosing water over soft drinks simply by sending this message: water is healthy and smooth drinks and other sugary drinks are not. But before they can learn this habit, they should see you making the right choice too.

6. Brush twice a day.

Dental hygiene is vital for our health. Make your children understand the importance of cleaning as early as childhood. Teach them to brush at least twice a day—in the morning after waking up and before they head to bed at night.

7. Get the right amount of sleep.

Establishing a regular sleep pattern will help your child develop the proper sleeping habits. When your child always gets the right amount of sleep, it will be easier for him to focus in class, be more energetic throughout the day and maintain a good mood.

8. Have screen time limitations.

This is probably one habit that is quite difficult to teach your kids but as we all know, too much screen time will have damaging effects on their eyes. That is why you should establish a limited screen time every day.

9. Develop relationship with a variety of friends.

Spending time with friends can help your child in developing different social skills including cooperation, problem solving and communication.


Kids are fond of Sweets. That might be anything that produced from Milk. That might be a Lollipop, Donut, Chocolate, etc. It is necessary to let them take those because of Sweets are also essential for our body. But, we need to give them a specific amount of sweets. We can give them dessert in a small amount after the dinner which will make them happy, and they will be more attractive to take good foods.

Healthy habits always start at home. That is why you should take the time to teach your kid the healthy habits that we have mentioned above so that they will grow as healthy and responsible adults.



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