Information On Weight Gain For Babies

Every mother wants her baby to be healthy and happy. It is always a matter of great concern for the mother whether her baby weight is according to the set standards. There are many factors which are responsible for varied weight in the baby. The most common factors are the gender, mother’s health, gestation period, the genetic structure of the parents to name a few.  All these factors together decide what will be the weight of the newborn.

Weight Gain Trend in Babies

It has been seen that newborn tend to gain twice their weight within three-four months. This weight gain shows that your baby is growing healthy.  And in the first year itself, the babies will weight thrice the weight at birth. Not all the babies show this trend in weight gain, some also lose weight which is quite normal. The loss of 10-20% of the weight is no reason to worry. If your baby is continuously losing weight it is better to consult the doctor.

Role of breastfeeding in Weight Gain

It is always recommended by the doctors to breastfeed the babies for at least 6 months. Mother’s milk is most important nutrition for the babies as it contains all the essential nutrients which are necessary for the baby to grow healthy and strong. As the baby is not allowed even to drink water from the outside source hence mother’s milk becomes all more significant for the baby. Besides, it helps in increasing the immunity power of the baby and makes him capable of fighting various kinds of germs and infections which are present in our environment. Babies who are breastfed show normal and continuous weight gain.

Weight Gain Chart

There is little difference in the weight of baby girl and baby boy. It is always seen that baby girls tend to weigh more than the boys. The average weight of the babies at birth is around 6-9 pounds. There is an increase of 5-8 ounces every week after two weeks of birth. According to the set a standard of WHO, there is an average weight gain of 34 grams every day. As for the babies who are completely breastfeeding for 6-12 months, there is an average weight gain of a pound a month.

Role of Metabolism in babies

It is not necessary that if your baby looks plum he or she is healthy, it could be water retention. All the babies are different in shapes and metabolism. Some babies have a higher rate of metabolism and hence require to be fed very frequently while in others there could be slow metabolism which in turn requires less feeding. However, it is always better to feed your baby at fixed schedule as it will allow proper intake of the vital nutrients required for complete growth of the infant. It is seen that maximum growth spurts in the baby are seen in initial years. Baby will grow an inch a taller in first 6 months and half an inch in next 6 months. It is always a good idea to keep in touch with the doctor to find out if your baby is growing healthy or not.

Indicators of Healthy Baby

Even if your baby does not show the weight gain trend as mentioned above there is nothing to worry. It does not indicate that your baby is not growing well. There are various indicators through which you can make sure that babies are growing accordingly. These include having healthy skin with elasticity, having around 5-6 wet diapers in a day and 3-4 dirty diapers. The most important indicator is having an active and happy baby.


It is mostly seen that the babies who are only breastfed by their mothers show a continuous gain in weight in the initial years. However, after few months, there is a decrease in their weight gain pattern in comparison to the babies who are also given food. Doctors around the world recommend mother’s milk for the babies for at least a year as it is rich source of calcium and iron which is required for proper growth of the bones and brain of the baby. Babies who are given mother’s milk grow out to be much stronger and healthier than the other babies.

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