How To Introduce Solid Food For Breastfed Babies

It is really important to understand when to start solid food for the babies. It is generally recommended that babies can start taking solid food by the age of six months. However, in some kids this can be delayed as doctors may find that his or her digestive system is not yet completely developed to digest the food completely.

Sometimes delay in starting of solid food is also done to avoid food allergy at later stage. Once solid food is started it does not mean that you should stop giving breast milk, it is important to continue with the same till the age of one year and even after that.

What are the first solid food options?

There are numerous options available when it comes to introducing solid food to the babies. One can buy baby cereals which are easily and widely available in the market. However, it is better to prepare homemade baby food for the kids as it is far more hygienic and healthy for the baby.

Mothers can also prepare the dish by using various ingredients which are available in the kitchen.Some of the easy to make baby food are rice cereal that consists of rice powder together with milk. One can also use water in place of formula milk if your child is still taking breast milk.

In addition, different kinds of smoothies and purees can also be made using various fruits like apples, banana, pears, peaches and butternut squash and many more. It is important that all the fruits should be mashed completely and all the skin and seeds are removed before giving to the baby.

Precautions While Introducing Solid Food

Babies are very small and it becomes necessary to follow few precautions before introducing solid food to them.

  • Always mash the fruits and vegetables completely.
  • Use rubber tip spoon as it is soft.
  • Heavy food items should not be given to the baby until he reaches six or seven months as the immune system and digestive system of the baby is not fully developed.
  • There is a protective protein IgA which is not formed till seven months.
  • Also take into record the history of family allergens as it might help you to identify the food allergens for your baby.​

Various Feeding Tips

  • Always feed the food to the baby when he is in good mood.
  • Start by serving at least one serving in a day. Using blender to 
  • Allow your baby to eat properly do not feed him too fast.
  • While giving food to the baby he should be sitting in the upright position.
  • After some time, there will be increase in intake of the diet.
  • If your baby is teething this also means that your child is ready for solid food.
  • There are several foods that should be completely avoided such as chocolates as it can stress baby kidneys, high intake of sugar can cause obesity and allergens like cow’s milk, corn, wheat and egg whites.
  • Foods which should be definitely avoided are grapes, popcorns, berries, potato chips, apple chunks, raw carrots, cookies and more as they can choke the baby.​

Feeding Organic Baby Foods

If you want to feed healthy and far more nutritious food to your baby, you can also try feed organic food to your baby. These are free from pesticides. In addition, with a good blender that have strong blades you can have a delicious juice from these fruite as known as a copious supply of vitamin for your baby.

Organic milk is also freely available in the market and is healthy than non organic milk. They have omega-3- fatty acids that provides protection against heart disease and also improves brain development as well.


It is really a matter of concern for the mother as how to introduce solid food to the babies. Once the baby reaches age of six to seven months, it is important to start solid food to the baby. It is better to start with baby cereal made up of various grains like millets, barley, whole wheat and more.

One can add breast milk to the cereal as well and make it healthier. Various others healthy recipes include smoothies and milk shakes made up of apples, bananas, pears and butternut squash. It is always a good option to consult doctor regarding the kind of diet and other supplements that should be given to the babies.​

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