Must-Have Kitchen Tools For Babies

Feeding your baby is most important. And equally important is the way you make your baby food. In order to make baby food fast and healthy, there is a requirement of certain kitchen tools. It is not a good idea to feed your baby with the canned food. It has many additives and preservatives which may harm your baby’s health. In this article, we will be discussing the a range of essential kitchen tools which must be present in order to make healthy and delicious food for your baby.

 Food Processor

To start with one should have a food processor to make various kinds of purees and in order to mash and blend vegetables and fruits. There are various types and kinds of food processors available in the market. If you are planning to buy one it is always better to purchase a branded one instead of a cheap one as it will work well for a long time. There are all in one baby food processor available which can carry out various functions like warm, blend, mash and steam very easily.

Hand Blender

If do not want to invest in an expensive food processor it is a good option to buy a blender. Most of us have blenders at our home itself. Blender is easy to carry and can do diverse functions like mashing and make puree with ease. Though it is great for soft fruits and vegetables that help in making smooth baby cereal.  It is not good to work on hard vegetables with the blender.


It is recommended to feed your baby with healthy and fresh fruits and vegetables. Nothing is healthier than steamed vegetables. In order to steam the vegetables, one can buy steaming basket that is easily and widely available in the market.  Buy a proper steaming basket that easily fits into assorted pots and pans and stays well above the boiling water.

Ice Trays with Lid

Mothers also store baby food for later use. The best way to store them is by putting them in ice trays with lid and placing them in the freezer. This food can be used later by defrosting it. It is important to keep in mind that your ice tray should be PVC and BPA free.

 Assorted Freezer Bags

One can also store baby food in various types of freezer bags available in the market. Once you have frozen your baby food you can put them in freezer bags and store them for a long time. These freezer bags keep your food healthy and fresh. However, it is good idea to label the bag to identify when was the food put in deep freeze. It is recommended not to freeze your baby food for more than 3 months.

Simple Potato Masher

Once you start feeding your baby with the solid food, potato masher comes handy as it allows you to mash the potatoes and other soft vegetables with ease. It is a simple tool with a handle and a plate at the end which are small slits and holes. It comes with grip handle and a hole at the end for easy storage.

 Simple Fork and spoon

Nothing can beat the effectiveness and utility of the simple kitchen tools like fork and spoon. They are the most important tool when you have nothing at hand and are required to feed your baby urgently. It is possible to mash soft vegetables and fruits like potatoes, bananas and berries with fork and spoon. Other tools like vegetable peelers, cooking pans for preparing the meal, bowls and sippy cups are also quite common.


It is important to make various types of baby food for the babies. And in order to make a tasty and healthy meal, one requires essential kitchen tools which allow fast processing of the food. A variety of kinds of kitchen tools have been mentioned in this article, buyers can buy according to their budget and preference. If you do not want to invest a large amount of money buying a handy blender will solve your problem. It is good for making purees and mashing the vegetables and fruits very easily. So, get your kitchen tools now and make a superb meal for your little ones.


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