Knitting Patterns For Your Baby Clothes

If you are looking for warm clothes for your baby well you can always make nice clothes from Organic Baby Cloths. This article will share some wonderful tips with you on how you can use various knitting patterns to interesting and attractive clothes for your baby. There is no doubt that knitting is not tough once you get used to it. You can take knitting as a hobby as it will help you hone your creativity.

The various pieces of clothing that you can knit for your baby


A bib is very useful piece of clothing as it is used by most babies, this usually used to prevent babies from dropping food on their clothes. The knitting pattern for this need to be tight and close, so that any food spilt does not get soaked. You can make the bib more decorative knitting a cat on it or some other interesting design on it. Try to stick to needles of size 7 or 6 and use yarns made of cotton as they can absorb more than the acrylic ones.

Towels and blankets

There is no doubt that a knitted blanket or a towel is just perfect to wrap your baby in after a nice bath. You can try out various patterns while knitting a towel or a blanket; you must know that completing this task will take time. You may try to knit a towel that has a design like a chessboard. You may also stick to the more conventional designs such as stripes.

Pillows for babies

These pillows are usually shaped as a U and designed to provide strong support to the baby’s head. Knitting a pillow for a baby is not tough and it can be completed within a single day. The design can be kept fairly simple. This can be a wonderful gift for babies; most of them are made from cotton and can be washed easily. When it comes to the patterns you can get plenty ideas from the internet you can use them as your inspiration and then use some of your own imagination.

Soft toys

Nicely knitted soft toys are perfect gifts that can be given to young kids. They love soft toys and these toys instantly light up their faces. You can start out by collecting soft yarns in bright colors and then using your imagination. You will actually end up surprising yourself with the wonderful outcome. When you are stuffing the toy, you should pay a lot attention so that the toy does not feel lumpy. You can make soft toys after popular cartoon characters. 

Scarves and Hats

Children love colorful caps and scarves, so you can put in some quality time knit a wonderful scarf and cap. You can consult magazines and pictures online to get a glimpse of the latest trends in the market. If you are the person to who likes to experiment then simply let out all your creative ideas when you are knitting a cap or a scarf. Young children like to watch a lot of cartoons, so you may consider putting their favorite cartoon character on the scarf or cap.


When it comes to knitting dresses you can stick to the usual pink that will be an instant rage with the girls. However, you can do a lot more such you can put together a dress sweater that not only looks nice but very comfortable to wear during the winter months.

Some popular stitching techniques 

The garter stitch pattern: All the rows in this type of knitting technique have identical stitches. This is also referred to as plain stitching. This kind of stitching does not curl; in fact you can construct a complete fabric with this kind of stitching. If you have started knitting you can use large needles and thick yarns.

The single rib pattern: Purling and knitting are the two kinds of stitches that you will be using when you are knitting garments. A knit stitch is usually flat and purl stitch feels bumpy. This pattern is not at all tough after a few attempts you will get used it.

Always stick to organic material to make clothes for your baby as they are good For Baby’s Growth. You can count on the fact that you will not feel restricted when it comes to looking for patterns to knit onto clothes.

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