Petite Maternity Clothes – Tips To Select

All to be mothers are familiar with the fact that getting the right clothes under a small time frame can be challenging, but when you’re pregnant and petite, the shopping experience would sometimes become trickier. The most discussed issue among women is about dealing with fatigue for moms and the right place for finding the best items for addition to petite pregnancy collection. Further in the article we’re going to discuss about the best finds for petite maternity wear and also a few maternity looks for winter and fall 2011.

First things first, here are a few great tips for following while shopping for petite maternity clothing:

  • You can check for sales on the website before you spend amounts for outfits that you’ll only wear for a short time.
  • You can look for a description of all petite sizes for making sure that the clothes won’t be much long for small time frame.
  • You can look out for stores having simple return policies for avoiding getting stuck with outfits that don’t fit well.
  • You search for your specific dress styles and check out different websites for comparing prices. Also for something that you would be wearing for a few months, it would be great to grab a nice deal.

A fashion guide for pregnant petite women

  • Avoid tops having horizontal stripes (especially at the time of third trimester)
  • You can select from subtle prints rather than larger geometric and floral designs for your petite clothes
  • Consider wardrobe staples
  • A great looking pair of maternity jeans

You can select a pair with elasticated waist bands and expanding panels as this would accommodate well according to gradual changes occurring in your body’s shape, if not, a pair which would sit well below your bump would be a great choice. Skinny or slim cut would be the best silhouettes for petite frames as they can hug your curves and create a lengthening look.

The same would go well for skirts as you can select a skirt with expandable elasticated seams, so these would grow up as you do. You can’t opt for knee-length as this would generally be the ideal length for petite women.

When it comes to dresses and tops you can select empire style. Having a higher waistline would not only stretch with your figure but also offers you a better space for accommodating your bump.

Versatility is the key! A simple and black dress is a must have maternity and is a certainly great investment piece whether you’re pregnant or not. You can select one with a soft stretch fabric for combining comfort to get flawless fit.

Your feet might suffer at the time of pregnancy so it would be good to just ignore your stilettos as there wouldn’t be any time for tottering. Rather than that you can consider investing in a stylish and comfortable pair of flats. A perfect option for you would be the slip on shoes, no buckles and laces mean that you don’t have to bend down and struggle for fastening them.

So if you’re worried regarding the height issues you can consider shoes having slightly pointed toe as opposed to round as these would assist you in looking taller.

Different Maternity clothing types for petite sizes

Long dress would look better than short ones. Petite women having short dress would appear much shorter.

It would be advisable to purchase black pants if you need to dress formally. A pair of twills, denims and maternity pajamas can be selected for casual wear.

A full length, evening black dress adds up to your height. Hence it would be a much better alternative for the short dress.

Jumpsuits in cotton and spandex can simply be worn at this time period. These suit can get you room around the belly area, where you need maximum space.

It would be advisable for you to wear delicate and tiny jewelry.

Scarfs highlight the appearance of a woman. Therefore, these can be used up as an accessory and can get loosely tied around your neck.

It would be better to avoid large sized bags. Your baby isn’t yet born and you don’t have baby stuff to carry around. So these can be used post baby birth as these would provide you with a stouter look.

With these tips for your newborn clothes you can simply shop for your desired clothing choices without the need to worry about your looks with the different petite maternity clothing choices available.

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