Pros And Cons Of Gripe Water For Newborn

When it comes to babies mothers do not want to take any chances. They want to be careful about everything they feed to their babies be it food or water. Gripe water is the most preferred drink for the infants and babies.

It is believed that it has a soothing and calming effect on the intestine. Hence, it becomes all more essential to have complete knowledge about the same as the mother’s would regularly be using it for their babies.

It is mostly available in solution form and comprises of assorted ingredients which are quite beneficial for the babies.

Gripe Water for Newborn

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Why Gripe Water is Important?

Newborns do not have completely developed digestive system hence there is a regular problem of indigestion which is quite painful for the babies. In order to relieve this situation, people have been using gripe water as an essential kitchen tool for the babies to calm them.

It comprises of various ingredients such as fennel, ginger, caraway, dill, cinnamon, catnip, peppermint and many more. All these ingredients are carminatives in nature and help in relaxing the smooth muscles of the intestines that further aids in proper digestion.

If your baby cries for very long time say more than 3 hours at one go then he might be suffering from indigestion, giving him gripe water will certainly ease the problem.

Pros of Gripe Water

Supports Digestion

Gripe water is suitable for relieving the babies of the digestive problem as it aids in removing the gas. It helps in removing the colic which develops in babies after three weeks of birth and causes pain. The formation of an even small amount of gas causes a lot of the pain in babies and gripe water helps in stopping the formation of the same.

Completely Natural

Gripe water has all the natural ingredients such as fennel, dill, peppermint and many more. Thus, they have no side effect on the health of the baby. They have proved to be completely safe for use. It is a healthy drink and helps in increasing the health of the baby by rendering them proper digestive system.

​Relieves Teething Pain

It has always been seen that babies suffer a lot of pain when they are teething. Here also gripe water has proved quite beneficial as it supports in removing teething pain as well.

​Easily Available

One can buy gripe water from the medical shops very easily. It is quite affordable as well. Check out best gripe water reviews and buying guide.

Cons of Gripe Water

Might Contain Alcohol

It has been seen that some of the gripe water contain alcohol as a solvent to induce sleep. This is a cause of concern as one has to be careful while giving this to the baby as it might cause some harmful effects as well.

Not to be given to One Month Old

Gripe water cannot be given to the infants who are one month old because they have an underdeveloped digestive system which cannot handle so many ingredients at the same time. To treat the colic condition in the infants one has to find a different solution.

Finding the Best One

Not every brand of gripe water is suitable for each and every baby. The effectiveness of the gripe water varies from baby to baby. It takes a time to find out which is most suited for your baby. There are numerous brands of gripe water available in the market from which you can easily buy any.

Can’t Stop Hiccups

Babies also suffer from hiccups from time to time. However, giving gripe water, in this case, provides no benefit.


Understanding baby’s need is most important for the mother. And when your baby is crying continuously for no reason the mother becomes quite anxious. Well, now you know that this could be because of pain in the stomach due to improper digestion.

Gripe water has become an essential ingredient for stimulating our baby’s sense and making him more happy and comfortable. There are several benefits of same and at the same time, it comes with its own sets of cons. It is now up to the mother whether she wants to feed her baby with the gripe water or wants to rely on various homemade recipes to sooth her child of the pain.


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