How To Remove Stain From Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers become more important in the world of baby today. More and more mother choose to use cloth diaper instead of disposable diapers on your babies. One of the highest care of major new mom is how to maintain these diapers. Stain removal is one of the routine maintenance procedures that you will need to perform on your baby’s cloth diapers. This is because cloth diapers get exposed to poop and pee and when you don’t deal with them on time, there are high chances of them developing stain.

In addition, stain usually spoils the esthetic value of your diapers. That is why as a mother who has just embraced the cloth revolution, you need to learn how to deal with this kind of dent in cloth diapers.

In this article, we want to share with you some insightful and valuable tips that will equip you with the relevant knowledge that will guide you in the process of removing stains. We are going to explore some of these methods and by the end of this article, you will have mastered this art to its very best. If you haven’t have any experience about cloth diapers and how to buy best cloth diapers for your baby, you can refer to our best cloth diapers reviews.

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Oxiclean free and versatile

This is another friendly ad effective method that you can use to deal with diaper stains. This solution is very good at removing stains from cloth surfaces and this is how you need to go about it: you will be required to fill your water tub with water and then you add in your stained diapers; afterwards, you can add a single scoop of Oxiclean and then you stir it a little bit and allow it to remain that way until the next morning; after a whole night soaking, you can rinse the diapers with  hot water in the washer in order to remove the Oxiclean.

Try the sun

This is one of the most effective and natural methods of dealing with stains on your baby’s diapers. In addition, the sun will also offer you free sanitization due to its UV rays and the best side of the story is that it is all free of charge. To benefit from the sun’s stain removal power, you need to get your stained diapers outside the washer and place them in the sun either by hanging or by simply placing them on a flat surface. By the time you come and remove the diapers from the sun, a great deal of the stain will have miraculously evaporated.

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Bac out

Bac is the first one our list of solutions that will enable you eliminate stains. This substance is very safe to use round the home and it is gentle on pets and kids as well. You can use it by simply spraying it on the diapers after removing poop and then you place the diapers into the wet bag. Alternatively, you can spray the diapers during the prewash and when you do this, you need to ensure that the Bac is totally rinsed away so that it does not react with your baby’s skin.

Bacout is formulated with lime and enzyme cultures and hence it is very effective in removing both stain and smell. Before using it, it is important to check and find out if the warranty that your baby diapers have can be voided by using this substance.

Lemon juice

This is another natural and readily available solution that will enable you to deal with diaper stains effectively. This solution can also be integrated into the sun removal solution just in case the stains did not evaporate with the first drying.

To remove stains using lemon juice, you will need to do the following: simply take the diaper or one of its stained inserts and then wet them with water; after the wetting process, you can wring out the water; after this you can take the juice and pour a small portion of the juice onto the affected area and then hang the diaper in the sun; after that you can leave it in the sun to dry and by the time the diaper dries up, the stain will have disappeared; after the diaper or insert is dry, you can wash and rinse the diaper ready for use.

This natural formula is not just great for removing stain, no. Just like the sun, it is also able to sanitize it as well and hence you get to kill two birds with one stone.

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