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Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers, 6 pcs + 6 Inserts
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Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers from LBB, one of the most used baby cloth pocket diapers with more comfortable and trusted material used for the manufacturing. Over the years, these cloth baby diapers have become a choice of mothers. Reasonable diapers with adjustable snaps for the different size adjustments according to the baby, however, the diapers seem to have fitting adjustments for all size babies. In fact, LBB diapers are designed to adjust small/medium/large size together in a diaper. If the baby has a tiny waist, to fit in, tabs can be overlapped to make a diaper super tiny.

Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers, 6 pcs + 6 Inserts

Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers, 6 pcs + 6 Inserts

The external design is an anti-leak; it doesn’t allow the poop or pee to come out. Reusable baby cloth pocket diapers come with six inserts, which are recommended not to wash with diapers. It is recommended to wash inserts separately. These diapers are baby friendly because they render softness, which babies enjoy and are good for the skin of babies. Consequently, babies are happier and healthier rather than peevish. With more washes, the material used in the diapers become more absorbent, hence, it renders more softness to the touch. It is also recommended to add salt to the water for washing, and it’s better to keep cover and inserts separate from your other clothes while washing.


Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers include six pieces and six inserts.

Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers, 6 pcs + 6 Inserts

1. TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

The TPU used in LBB diapers is waterproof, anti-leak, and breathable. Thermoplastic Polyurethane keeps the poop and pee inside and does not even allow water to come in. Because of such waterproof and washable material, LBB diapers are reusable and healthier for the skin of babies.

2. Six Diapers With Six Inserts

Come from one of the best cloth diaper brands, LBB diapers include six diapers along with six inserts in a reasonable price. Paying 75 USD for six reusable top-quality diapers is always better than paying 20 USD for one good-quality use-n-throw diaper. Just wash these reusable baby cloth pocket diapers and save a few dollars without even compromising with the health of your baby.

3. Adjustable Buttons

LBB diapers have the option to fit your baby in a single diaper regardless of the baby’s size. Be it small (8-15 lbs.), medium (12-25 lbs.), or large (20-35 lbs.). LBB diapers give you a choice to overlap the tabs for tiny waist babies. If a baby has a large waist, then diapers have the option to increase the size by adjusting the tabs.

4. Washable

With waterproof TPU covers, every time it’s not required to wash the covers, however, inserts must regularly be washed for having your baby smiling. Even though covers are waterproof, it is recommended to wash them regularly to have the healthier skin for a baby. Remember to wash covers and inserts separately, and do not mix up your regular clothes while washing the diaper. Recommended temperature for a wash by LBB is fewer than 30 Centigrade, and salt must be added to the diaper wash for softness and better cleaning.

5. Anti-Leak Design

Due to the anti-leak material and custom fit adjustments, it has been observed that even after 3 hours, diapers do not allow to leak the poop or pee. The insert absorbs all of the wetness, and the cover keeps it inside. The baby feels dry, and the bed also remains dry. The absorbent material keeps your baby cheerful without letting him/she realize that the diaper is wet. This product is sized at 12.9 inches x 8.4 inches x 3.4 inches and is unisex.

Pros & Cons


  • Effectiveness: It's essential that the fitting remains effective when it comes to holding BMs. Regarding holding urine inside, it becomes important to have the proper absorbency, and these reusable baby cloth diapers have the quality of fitting perfectly into any size of the waist and absorbency to hold the urine inside even for longer duration.
  • Ease of use: Adjustable buttons for any size make LBB diapers handy. A pocket with enough space and easy stuffing for insert make it quicker to change the diaper. Holding capacity of the diaper gives the ease to mommies to change the diaper as to the convenience.
  • Reusable: Covers of reusable baby cloth pocket diapers are structured in such a manner that the insert absorbs and holds everything inside and keeps the diaper cover dry and clean. The quality of being dry, diaper covers do not need to be washed every time. Just the wash of inserts is enough to keep the diaper clean and dry. You do not need to spend a lot of time doing laundry, rather relish time with your baby.
  • Longevity: Waterproof and breathable TPU keeps diapers dry and absorbent insert keeps your baby dry; thus, happy. It is observed that the material of insert takes a few washes to become more absorbent; hence, with time, diapers become softer but do not lose the elasticity.
  • Flexible sizing: LBB Reusable Baby Cloth Pocket Diapers have adjustment options for the size: small (8-15 lbs.), medium (12-25 lbs.), and large (20-35 lbs.). One diaper fits a baby in all stages from birth to potty training. You do not need to depend on other diapers, due to its longevity and flexibility a diaper can last for a longer duration.
  • Antibacterial: The material used for the diaper covers and inserts are of top-quality, breathable, softer, and antibacterial. Reusable baby cloth pocket diapers prevent skin infections beforehand.


  • Made in China: It did not make the product untrustworthy but made in China products are more or less skeptical in the minds of users. You cannot guarantee of 100% quality of the product because of that.
  • Few Users have experienced that the space provided to stuff the insert inside the diaper is too congested, and they found difficulties in stuffing inserts.
  • Few users found that the absorbency of the reusable baby cloth pocket diapers was not sufficient to keep diapers dry. But such drawbacks are observed by very few users and are avoidable altogether.


Through this LBB cloth diapers reviews, if you buy use-n-throw diapers frequently by paying the extra cost, then you should give a try to these reusable baby cloth pocket diapers from LBB. Because with almost the same price or even cheaper than that, you could have reusable baby cloth pocket diapers which are durable, flexible, breathable, waterproof, antibacterial, and softer comparatively. This product has drawn the maximum attention of mothers because they know what is better for their babies and nothing should be compromised with the health of babies. LBB diapers can easily be ordered online from Amazon, and by ordering from Amazon, you get a free insert with the set of 6 pieces and six inserts. If you want to have an ultimated buying guide for best cloth diapers, read cloth diaper reviews 2016 by Aliza Sartor to choose the best for your little.

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