Tips On Stimulating Your Baby’s Sense

From the time a baby is a mere embryo inside the womb it begins to develop its senses. This particular article will share some valuable tips on how you can stimulate the senses of a baby. You should know that when the embryo is in its eighth week it already develops its sensitivity of touch. In fifteen weeks time the fetus taste buds come into play. By the time it is 25 weeks the baby can hear voices and can recognize the voice of its mother. You should also supply the Nutrients Needed For Baby’s Growth.

Some activities to help develop the senses of your baby

Here are some very easy tips that you can follow to help develop your baby’s senses of taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing. You have the liberty to interact with your child while it is still inside the womb. Once your child takes birth you can start off again and focus on developing its sense of sight. 

Developing sense of touching 

Prenatal Stimulation

This involves a series of steps to be followed while the child is in the womb of the mother and they are listed below.

  • Experts have said that stroking the belly during pregnancy is something that most mothers very naturally.
  • When you feel some nudging or kicking within the womb you can use olive oil or coconut oil to massage the stomach area gently.
  • Doctors often suggest that gently patting and caressing your belly during pregnancy has a very soothing effect on your baby. The good thing is that your baby will lean to associate with these calming and soothing activities after birth and so you will not have any trouble in getting the baby to sleep.
  • You should also encourage your partner and other children to participate in this activity of interacting with the unborn child. There are chances that the baby will have memories of these interactions after being born.

Post birth stimulation

  • You can indulge in the age old practices of speaking to the baby in a comforting tone and singing lullabies as babies tend to find these things very pleasing. Using soft music is the easiest way to get a baby to sleep.
  • Within five months after birth a baby is fully aware of the different sounds. You will see that a baby very quickly turns its head in the direction of the particular sound. You must encourage this activity.
  • Another fun thing to do is to imitate sounds of various animals as babies find this very funny. This will also help them recognize various sounds from a young age.
  • While bathing your child expose him or her to the different sounds of water.

Developing taste and smell

Prenatal Stimulation

  • Following a good healthy diet is the best way to get through this period, try to incorporate foods of different flavors as it will help your unborn child develop its tastes.
  • Sense of Smell only develops once the baby is born.

Post birth simulation

  • You never know your child may like the perfume that you wear on a daily basis, it is noticed that a baby likes anything that has the smell of his mother.
  • Allow other members of your family to carry your baby. This exposes them to other fragrances too.
  • Try not to expose your baby to strong smells of burning or smoke.
  • You can also buy them chewable toys in different flavors to help them develop their sense of taste.
  • However do not go overboard by putting too much spices in baby food

Well with these methods you can help to develop the different senses associated with odors, flavors and colors. So if you wonder as to why it is so important that a child should develop these senses from a young age. Well, these are done because most parents want their children to become sharper in every single way. Doctors have always encouraged this but have also advised mothers not to push the process and to keep it natural. So if you are keen to know about Weight Gain For Newborn then visit a child specialist without any hesitation and get complete information.

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