Try Out Homemade Baby Foods

Mothers want everything best for their child.  Feeding your baby with best of nutrients is most important. Though, there are plenty of options available in the market but it is always good to prepare homemade baby foods. There are numerous advantages of the homemade baby foods as you know the ingredients present and their nutritional value. One can also make different kinds of food depending on the taste and preference of their child.

Let’s find out some of the easy and delicious top meal ideas for small ones

Assorted Purees

Purees are easy to prepare and tasty to eat.

Apple Puree

Apples are rich in iron and help in increasing blood formation in the baby. Purees can be made by steaming small pieces of apple with small amount of water. When apple are steamed, mash them completely and add sugar to it. Your apple puree is ready to be served.

Yummy Banana Puree

Peel banana and mash it completely. Now add to it milk and sugar to taste. Bananas are rich source of Vitamin K that helps in clotting of blood and also consists of calcium that supports bone formation and growth.

Peaches and Pears Purees

Other popular purees are those of peaches and pears which are easily available in the market. One can boil them and later mash them together to form a smooth and delicious puree. They are rich in vitamin A and potassium.


Soups are tasty and are easy to digest as well. They help in increasing the metabolism of the body as they are made using the ingredients like caraway, fennel and dill which are carminatives in nature. Some of the popular homemade soups are-

Tomato Soups

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and minerals. This citrus fruit increases immunity power of the baby as well. Tomato soup can be prepared by steaming them with water. Once they are steamed peel them and add to water.  Add salt ginger and caraway and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Your hot and tasty soup is ready.

Lentils and Carrot Soup

Take a saucepan and add to it finely chopped onions. Now add to it finely chopped carrots and lentils and let them boil for 20 minutes. After boiling add caraway, dill and fennel and let it simmer for 45 minutes more. Your delicious soup is ready.

Making Baby Cereal

Baby cereal is the best food for the breastfed babies. It is smooth and easy to digest and can be made with simple ingredients that are easily available in your home.

Rice Powder Cereal

This simple to make baby cereal comprise of adding rice powder to the milk and mixing them together till a smooth paste is formed.

Oatmeal Cereal

Apart from feeding your child with rice cereal everyday one can also try different ingredient such as oatmeal. This can easily be added to your rice cereal and then mixed with milk to make a smooth paste.

Sweet Potato Custard

Custards are easy to make and tasty option for kids. Sweet potato custard is prepared in the pan in which all the ingredients like vanilla, egg yolk, milk and sweet potato are put together and stir well till they are completely mixed.  Besides, one can also prepare apple custard, pear custard, banana custard and many more in a same way.


Sweet Potato Fries

Children love to eat fries made up of sweet potato. Cut sweet potato thin and long. Now sprinkle on them little cinnamon and salt and mix them well.  Now put them together on foil paper to microwave at 180 degrees for 45 minutes.  These snacks are tasty and also provide instant energy to the kids.


The homemade baby foods are easy to make and are quite affordable as well. Mothers can easily try out various kinds of dishes for child in comfort of their home. Homemade food also allows checking the amount of nutrition your child is taking with each feeding. Here, no additives and preservatives are added to the food. These foods are always prepared fresh and then given to the baby. So, make your child healthy and active with nutritional and effective homemade baby foods.

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