Wear Non-Maternity Clothes In Pregnancy – Tips

The high prices of maternity clothes can simply be stated as a highway robbery! So spending around $200 for a pair of maternity jeans doesn’t sound like a good idea to spend your hard earned money. Instead it would be a good advice to spend amount on something that you are only able to wear for a few months and even after more pregnancies take place in the future, these clothes might not appear appropriate seasonally.

The good thing to know is that many non-maternity style clothing can also be used at the time of pregnancy for around the initial four to five months period, and for many ladies this might also last longer! Some of these comfortable clothes can get stretched well into post-pregnancy wear too.

Wearing non-maternity clothes while being pregnant and dealing with fatigue for moms is a great way to maximize small clothing budget while looking fashionable and still feeling comfortable. Every lady can do this with some right clothing options on their wardrobe.

Search for diverse clothing styles out of your closet

Here, you’ve got a large pile of stuff that works well for your purpose. Some pants here are slightly larger in size, perhaps. A flowy tunic, An empire-waist dress, these super stretchy low-rise jeans sit comfortably below your stomach and look great while paired with a flowy long tunic.

You can try different options that got a little stretch or appear a little large. You can search out for long, waistband covering shirts. Yank fabric belts off dresses. You can leave all fitted shirts unbuttoned and cover these with more generously cut sweater or jacket.

Keep comfort in mind

If you just can’t resist wearing your favorite pair of jeans while you’re pregnant, you can position them well below your waist. Bottoms that are resting closer to the waist would still be a great wearing choice as these can comfortably site below your bump.

Purchase larger size clothing

If you’re willing to buy a certain type of top that isn’t under the maternity section, you can try on a larger size for it. You just need to be careful that it isn’t too sloppy and baggy looking.

Use elastic waistband clothing

Stretchy waistbands are godsend for ladies going through pregnancy. Leggings, maxi skirts and yoga pants last well at the time of pregnancy. Many of these items can simply be worn over an expanding bump while it would still be small, and then under bump it would also appear too large. A great thing about maxi shirt is that, it can easily be turned to strapless maxi dress after pulling waist above your chest. Additionally, you can add up a cute belt just below or above the bump for nicely defining your waist. Considering this look for the office, you can add up an open button-down shirt or cardigan to make it conservative at your workplace.

Trying maternity coats

During winter months this would be your best bet. A maternity coat would be something that you’d never bother with. Pregnant ladies who live in the cold regions can use these coats for winter clothing without feeling uncomfortable in the selected apparel. You can simply add up a heavy lengthy scarf for covering your stomach. Also you can wear a heavy sweater layered beneath it.

Mix and match

If your belly is too big for wearing non-maternity bottom, you can pair a maternity bottom with a top through your non-pregnancy wardrobe. Matching and mixing clothes is the right way to get appropriate clothing at the time of early pregnancy months.

Wearing husband’s shirts

This won’t sound as a good measure, but when you want to wear a t-shirt and yours is no longer fitting well, you can check out his clothes. Make sure that you are maintaining comfort by flaunting style with the right shirt. You can also try from different shirts you find in his closet and choose a nice fit.

It isn’t necessary to select from expensive pregnancy clothing, nor would it have to appear shabby. All you need is a little creativity for extending your pre-pregnancy wardrobe and you can provide yourself with a few more options such as you can select the perfect swimwear for filling in maternity clothing gap. The most vital measure for you here is to remember to be confident and comfortable.

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