Wooden Toys vs Plastic Toys: Gift Ideas For Kids This Christmas

Moms and dads would always like to give the best for their children. When a kid points out to one of the boxes of toys in the department store, parents will do their best to get it.

To boost the knowledge and capacity of kids, toys are designed to make them ‘think’ and ‘create’ while enjoying. Building blocks, cards with mathematical equations, and puzzles are some of the best toys that can help the children increase their skills and intelligence.

With the new generation of children becoming more prone to digital devices like iPad, iPod, and tablets, producing more toys can help them experience a better childhood than just facing the computer. The challenge now is how to find the best toys for your children—would you prefer wooden toys or the plastic ones? This article will help you decide which toys would make your kids excel more.

Why Wooden Toys Are Better?

When going to a department store or any toy store, you need to bring your children to the side where everything that he or she will see will fit his/her capabilities as a child. For example, if they are five years old and below, do not bring them to RCs and other big cars which can harm them.

Now, in the selection of toys, which would you prefer? The plastic toys or the wooden toys? Here are three reasons on why you should pick wooden toys instead of plastic toys for your cute little kids!

1. Wooden Toys Are More Durable Than Plastic Toys

Plastic Toys can quickly break, leaving sharp edges, compared to wooden toys. Parts of toys made in plastics are glued together using Elmer’s and glue sticks, while wooden toys make use of power tools like the Kreg Jig Pocket Hole to make it more durable.

2. Wooden Toys Are Environment-Friendly and Are Recyclables

Plastic tools are disposable especially after it has been broken into pieces. On the other hand, wooden toys can be recycled and reshaped when the kid grows old to fit the toys with his or her age. Therefore, when you choose to buy a wooden toy, you have bought your child a toy for a lifetime. To know more ideas on how to recycle the wood of your toys, check out Victor Crafter’s website.

3. Wooden Toys Are Less Distracting Due to Its Minimalist Effects

Either painted or waxed, wooden toys are designed to be in a minimalistic effect. With that being said, plastic toys which frequently come in bright colors, tend to be more distracting that wooden toys. Therefore, by using wooden toys, it is more possible for kids to learn how to focus at only one at a time.

What Are the Best Wooden Toys to Give This Christmas Day?

Holiday is fast approaching, most especially when Thanksgiving Day started to pull-off. Also, since the Black Friday is coming right this November 25, 2016, it is best to list down all the possible gifts that you can give to your kids, nephews, and nieces. As you choose to get wooden toys, here are six best wooden toys that you can wrap and give to your favorite kiddies:

1. Vintage Wooden Toolbox with 13 Tools

2. Melissa and Doug Wooden Project Workbench

3. Great Little Trading Co. Jamm Scoot Ride-On

Wooden and Plastic Toys

Photo credit: https://www.gltc.co.uk/product/jamm-scoot-ride-on-pink/10003112

4. Timber Kits Wooden Skateboarder

Wooden and Plastic Toys

Photo credit: http://m.createandcraft.tv/pp/timberkits-skateboarder-kit-361055

5. Ikea Mula Building Blocks

Wooden Toys

Photo Credit: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/00294875/

6. Museum of London Shop in London: A Bag Play Set

Kid Toys

Photo credit: http://www.museumoflondonshop.co.uk/store/product/28211/London-in-a-Bag-Play-Set/


Wooden toys will make the best toys for your children. It may be a bit costly compared to the plastic toys, but you will not regret about its quality and the knowledge and skills that it can contribute to your beloved children. As you choose which of the above-mentioned toys you are going to get for the kids, always remember the age and current capacities of them to ensure that they will enjoy the gift you are about to give.

Do you have any other suggestions to answering why wooden toys are better than plastic toys for your children? Never hesitate to share your knowledge by leaving a comment for us below! Share this also to your friends and colleagues for them to know which toys to buy this coming Christmas day!


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